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Land Surveyors

We provide services that are specifically intended to fulfil the needs of land survey and mapping survey. All types of Land Surveys, Total Station Surveys, DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) Surveys, Drone Surveys & LiDAR Surveys, Building Layout/As Built Surveys, Road Survey & Networking Surveys, GPR (Ground-penetrating radar) Surveys, Canal Survey & Gas Pipeline Scanning and Routing, Hydrological Survey, Transmission Line Surveys, Preparation of DPR for all types of Infrastructure Projects (Civil Roads, Highways, Pipelines, Canal Route Studies, Site Plan Preparation, Area Demarcation, Hydro-graphic Surveys, Bathymetric Surveys, Reservoir Studies, River Studies, Inundation Mapping Studies, Traverse Adjustment using Network Method, Road Alignment Design).

C & G Survey Technical Services uses advanced drone technology to provide highly accurate and detailed GIS Survey, Topographic Survey, Drone Inspection, Drone Mapping, Power Line Monitoring, Smart City Survey, Road Inspection & Survey, Mines Survey, Flood Assessment, Asset Monitoring, Solar Thermal Inspection, Security and Surveillance, Crop Health Monitoring, Volumetric Measurement, Drone 3D Mapping & Modelling, Aerial Photography & Videography, and other services.

This service entails meticulously measuring the physical characteristics of the land. Our survey engineers determine the land dimensions, distances, and angles based on these verifications.

Geometry, trigonometry, engineering, arithmetic, and physics ideas are used to achieve precise findings. Land development and construction projects benefit from the use of cutting-edge technologies such as GPS, AutoCAD software, and digital photography.