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What are drones used for in surveying?

The use of drones in the survey and construction sectors has come a long way and the capabilities of those very drones has seriously improved, making them an essential tool that all surveyors should have in their toolbox.

Your choice of sensors, surveying software and drone can have a huge impact on the data you’re able to capture for your projects.  It can be confusing getting your head around which is the best drone solution for your project needs. In this blog we’ll explore some of the common questions asked about drones in the survey sector.

What is a Drone Survey?

Surveying is a process by which measurements of an area are taken before a construction project begins. Drone or Aerial Surveys follow a similar process but as the name suggests use an unmanned drone/ UAV with a downward facing camera to collect the data.

Drone cameras take a series of high-definition photos at different angles, creating thousands of accurate data points, including geo-references, elevation points, and colors. This allows developers to create 3D models of a site or building. Clients can see more than what a traditional survey provides.

The maps created from drone data can be used to extract highly accurate distances and volumetric measurements. When a drone is integrated with surveying land, the data can look more realistic. The videos and photos taken from the drone are a great resource for clients and the public when a new commercial project is in the works.