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Aerial Drone Survey and Mapping Drone

Road Construction Monitoring using Drones

India has more than 15,435 km national highways as per the NHAI report dated 30th June, 2017. Due to increased traffic on road, Indian government is making an effort to widen these existing roads alongside building new ones.
The government set across an ambitious target of building 15,000 kms of roads in 2016-17, but due to traditional methods used for construction and monitoring, only 8,200 kms of roads were built. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi suggested using drones to monitor the construction and fasten up the construction process as well as maintain transparency. Road Construction Monitoring using Drones.

This article explains in detail, how drones are assisting Infrastructure developer as well as government bodies while planning and construction of roads.

Pic: Insights about Structures/ROW

Listed below are different phases through which a road construction project has to go;
1. Land Acquisition and Liaison
2. Public Utility shifting (includes removal or shifting of any structures or vegetation that obstruct the proposed road)
3. Mobilization of equipment for construction of road and critical structures