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Solar Plant Inspection

Not only for the PV system itself, but also for surrounding infrastructure like utility lines, substations, and fencing, valuable use cases have been established spanning pre-construction, commissioning, and operations & maintenance. The primary goal of our IG Drones is to locate broken solar panels so that they may be repaired by the manufacturer while still under warranty, maximize output, and resolve concerns quickly to reduce maintenance costs. For more accurate and extensive examinations, we offer thermal imaging and aerial inspections.

The primary goal of C & G Survey Technical Services is to discover damaged Solar Panels so that they can be replaced by the manufacturer while still under warranty, maximize output/efficiency, and handle concerns proactively to reduce maintenance costs. We use drone Thermal Imaging and Aerial Inspections to give more accurate and detailed inspections in less time and at a lower cost. Rapid and easy scans of roof tops and arrays, hot spot identification of defective cells / geotagged image, diagnostic purpose / panel placement planning, infrared signatures identify defective panels are all advantages of drones for solar farm inspection. Pre-selected route points aerial inspections save time and keep the solar farm working at peak performance.