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Smart City Survey

Following natural disasters, C & G Survey Technical Services have offered significant support in search and rescue operations, supplementing search and rescue helicopters, making them an important element of the NDRF toolbox. C & G Survey Technical Services can properly communicate real-time information, which is critical for city civil security and allows civic administrations to take proactive rather than reactive steps — this type of decision-making process is a characteristic of the smart city concept. Drones have played a significant part in crowd control techniques for the police during religious festivals in India.

Secure wireless networks, together with the integration of C & G Survey Technical Services with mobile applications, can help smart cities become safer. It can be used to plot out locations for a subway, bus line, or even a bike route. Drones provide flexibility when it comes to advancing smart city programmers fast, allowing surveyors to map vast corridors swiftly at the outset of projects and collect in-depth data to aid decision-making.