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Disaster Management

When compared to traditional approaches, using C & G Survey Technical Services to map disaster zones offers more cost savings and faster response times. C & G Survey Technical Services have been adopted by numerous assistance organizations during natural disasters because they can be deployed fast, provide high-resolution and 3D mapping, identify hotspot locations that have experienced the most damage, and upload the data in real time to coordinate relief activities.

Drones were utilized for the first time in India by the National Disaster Management Authority, a coordinating agency for disaster management, during the Uttarakhand floods in 2013. During disasters, responders use drones to: Provide rapid situational awareness with mapping technology and imagery, assist firefighters in identifying hot spots and assessing property damage, capture imagery for communications and news coverage, search for survivors, assess utility and infrastructure damage, and create before and after maps of the affected area. Despite the fact that drones are now mostly employed in disaster response, a new paper underlines the advantages of employing drones in catastrophes at all four stages of the disaster life cycle: prevention, preparation, response, and recovery.