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Agricultural Survey

In a fraction of the time it would take to scout on foot, C & G Survey Technical Services deliver an instant shot of the field. Hundreds of hectares can be covered in a single flight, allowing for the detection and identification of different types of crop stress. Farmers may use C & G Survey Technical Services to determine exact field sizes, classify crop varieties, and plan harvesting. Over 35 drone start-ups in India are aiming to improve the technology standards and lower the costs of farm drones.

Growers, service providers, and agricultural researchers can use C & G Survey Technical Services to survey their crops, diagnose stress, develop treatment plans, track plant growth, and more. Crop health concerns can be detected and quantified early on using high-resolution RGB cameras. These helpful information can help you save money on your inputs and increase your yield. Use C & G Survey Technical Services data to create prescription maps and plans, which can help you target treatments more effectively and save money. Gain information that can be used in conjunction with other agronomic tools.

Instead of randomized sampling, drone data can direct you to the ideal spots to sample soil/leaves, saving time and money. Follow the progress of your crops from emergence until harvest. Maintain accurate field monitoring for phenotyping and other research purposes. Periodic collection of calibrated data from professional multispectral sensors provides insights into crop health regardless of lighting fluctuations, allowing you to derive quantitative patterns.