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Railway Services

C & G Survey Technical Services are used to keep track of project progress and assure accountability and efficiency. They are also used to examine railway infrastructure such as bridges, OHE, rooftops, and inaccessible railway infrastructure on a regular basis without endangering life or causing downtime or delays. There are a plethora of potential ability issues, as well as the chore of suspecting thousands of kilometers of track spread across the country. We provide a platform that allows us to perform maintenance that not only lowers costs and risks for ground crews, but also improves the speed and accuracy of data collecting.

Drones are used in railways to create contour maps of areas where new rail lines are proposed, as well as 3D models of stations for visualization and 3D models of the landscape for drawing correct designs. Project managers can use GIS mapped data to compute the length of track laid and develop 3D models to help them map potential construction risks. C & G Survey Technical Services can also be used to conduct periodic asset assessments, inspect hard-to-reach regions such as bridges and tunnels, monitor electrical work along railway tracks, and evaluate them for corrosion, cracks, and fractures.