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DPR Survey

Railway surveying has always been important in the maintenance and building of our railways, but with the recent increase in traffic and the resultant pressure to expand capacity, the demand for swift and precise railway surveys has increased dramatically.

Railways have benefited from new technologies such as modern survey devices, however some fieldwork is still required. Precision Track Geometry Measuring instruments, precision cameras, air photographs, electronic distant measurers, first-order plotting instruments, and computers, in addition to existing Mobile LiDAR for creating large-scale topographic maps in FSR/DPR/FLS projects, have all contributed to the accuracy and ease of the Railway surveying process.

"C & G Survey Technical" has its own 3D Mobile LiDAR instruments "Leica Pegasus One" and "Leica Pegasus Two" for carrying out Feasibility Survey Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Final Location Survey (FSR/DPR/FLS) and Land Plan Survey projects required for the Railway sector up to +/- 2 cm accuracy. We also partnered with Swiss firms to conduct precise Railway Track Geometry Surveys with a precision of roughly +/- 1 mm, the results of which can be easily fed into Plasser or other ballast tamping devices. We employ UAV/Drone technology with precision up to +/- 5 cm for inaccessible places and patches with vast corridors to aid in the above technologies.